London 2012

London 2012 Official Game (Premium) 1.0.6

Play out the 2012 Olympics in this official mobile game


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Excellent graphics and sound
  • Range of sports and events
  • Lets you compete against other real-life players
  • Customizable athletes


  • Overly complex stats system
  • Controls can be fiddly

Very good

Think you've got what it takes to win Olympic gold? Install the London 2012 Official Game and test your button-bashing against other athletes in a series of events.

You start the London 2012 game by creating your own athlete, personalizing their look and selecting a nationality. Once your avatar is ready you can start competing in events and building up your stats in areas such as stamina, strength and speed.

What can you compete in?

For each event in the London 2012 Official Game you can choose from three types of game: Training (free training to practice and build up stats), Olympics (where you compete against others for a medal), and Challenge (where you are set certain achievements to reach for that event).

There are lots of events to play in the London 2012 Official Game, including 100 meters sprint, 110 meters hurdles, skeet shooting and 100 meters swimming. Only three events are able to play from the start and you can unlock more by using stars. Stars are earned by performance in the game or can be bought via an in-app purchase. This premium version of the London 2012 Official Game includes 5,000 stars, though if you download the London 2012 Official Game for free you get just 2,000 stars.

Look and feel

Controls in the London 2012 Official Game are akin to the button-bashing action of classic athletics games like Track and Field. As well as hammering the screen with your fingers though, there are tilt-based controls, such as flipping your phone forward to jump hurdles, for example. Some controls can be fiddly, and on certain types of older devices, the touch controls may not work so well.

The London 2012 Official Game is great fun to play and the bright, colorful graphics help to bring it to life. The game is overcomplicated by the inclusion of the stats-building system, which is unnecessary in our opinion.

On the whole though, the London 2012 Official Game is an enjoyable way to act out your Olympian fantasies on your mobile device.

Minor bugs were fixed


  • Minor bugs were fixed
London 2012


London 2012 Official Game (Premium) 1.0.6

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